About the Author

John Turner is from a small town 45 miles southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in a large family.  His mother, whom he loved so dearly, died in 2003. The book entitled, Take This Journey With Me, is the first of many, fiction as well as nonfiction, in which he plans to write. In this his first book, which has 100 hundred chapters, in what is essentially  100 poems, this book of poetry, explores situations and emotions that we all can relate to as fellow citizens, on this planet we call Earth.

Growing up with little means, and in a small town, offered him the opportunity to analyze the way life was and the way it is. His perspective, although expressed poetically in this book, is not so unique and not just his perspective alone. He understands that a universal audience will be able to relate to the words written as well as appreciate the sentiment in which they were written.

John Turner spent much of his early childhood with his brothers; playing all kinds of different sports. But the one that they all enjoyed playing together the most, was basketball. He also played in basketball as well in baseball leagues, as a youth. But some of his most fond memories were sitting around with his brothers, making up stories to tell to the others, and then offer expressions as to who told the most compelling one at the time.